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The Herrin House of Hope seeks to help the poor and needy in the Herrin area chart a new course for their lives and find hope for the future. It is a cooperative Christian ministry of Herrin's churches, businesses and ordinary people committed to giving hope for those who are struggling in life.  We follow the example of Jesus who came with good news for the poor and  freedom for the oppressed (Luke 4:18).

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Herrin House Of Hope
A Ministry To The Most Needy In Our Community
112 N. 14th Street
Herrin, Illinois 62948
Map  •   Directions
Phone (618) 942-8500

"Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You." Psalm 67:3
For General Gifts to the Herrin House of Hope

CLICK HERE to make general gift to the Herrin House of Hope. To be a Sponsor of the Day, click on the bule button on the right.


  • TCC Herrin ~ Verizon in Herrin!

    Hey! Hey Hey! Thanks TCC ~ Herrin! What the Heck is TCC?! 
    They are Your Verizon "Rep" in Herrin! You don't need to Drive to Marion or Carbondale!
                          We've Got TCC! Helping Us! Help Others! 
    Check 'em out @ https://www.facebook.com/tccHerrin/


  • Peoples National Bank Continues Support for "the House!"

    We would like to Thank Peoples National Bank for their Continued Support of "the House!"

    Since Opening Their Branch Office in Herrin ~ they Have Provided Monetary Support

    as Well as Employees Volunteering @ "the House!" 

  • Better Living Workshops!

    Better Living Workshops beginning in October 2016. Workshops designed to make Everyones Daily Life Better ~ Learn about ~ Budgeting Your "Resorces" ~ First Aide and CPR ~ Cooking Classes ~ Home Sanitation and Cleanliness ~ and a whole Lot More! 

    ~ Learn It! ~ Earn It! ~  Do It!

    Stop in @ "the House!"  and Sign Up! ~  Ask about Our Weekend Hot Meals Program! ~

  • Kids Serving @ "the House!"

    We are so grateful for the Youth that come to Serve @ "the House!" It warms our hearts to see the kids of Our Community and the Surrounding Communites coming together to Serve those in Need. It is experience that they will hold dear to their hearts.

    If you have a Youth Group that would like to Serve @ "the House!" .. We would love to make it happen! 

  • Help Us! Help Others! Donate Today!

    "the House!" fed almost 35,000 folks last year ... We couldn't have done it without you! We are completely funded by the local community!

    Won't You Help Us! Help Others!  CLICK HERE to make a donation to the Herrin House of Hope.  It's secure and your generous gift will help us move closer to making this dream a reality!

  • Almost 35,000 Hot Meals Served in 2015

    at "the House!" lives are being re-built on a foundation of Rock ... through a Community .... Built on Faith .... Hope ... and Love... When People begin to Have Faith ... They find Hope ... and Love Overwhelms Us All....! In 2015, almost 35,000 people found a place of Fellowship and a Hot Meal ... @"the House!"

  • Downloads To Publicize The Ministry.

    We provide a growing number of downloads for you to use to share the news about the Herrin House of Hope ministry.  CLICK HERE  to see what is currently available.  

  January 2017  

This Week's Events



Shawnee Nursing Home Business Sponsor of the Day
Shawnee Nursing Home employees will be Volunteering and Provided a Monetary Donation!