Sponsor A Day

In honor of our post-Covid grand reopening of the House of Hope and in an effort to create a "Resonance of Spirit" among the Herrin Area Community through this campaign, we are launching our 2022 Sponsor a Day Campaign.  Our goal is to get enough sponsors to cover all 260 weekdays for a year.  

We have been providing meals for almost 10 years. Pre-Covid we were providing 100 -200 meals per day.  We continued to feed the community during Covid and were doing up to 2400 meals per week.  This campaign is in honor of us returning to our dine-in format for meals for our grand reopening.  During Covid, there were programs through FEMA, IEMA, and special grant projects to help with the drastic increase in meals.  These programs have come to an end and we are needing your help in order to keep feeding the families in our area who are in need.

Consider becoming a Sponsor A Day donor and provide the meals for one day of service.  It costs $250 a day, or $21 a month, in order to continue our meals.  It is super easy to become a partner with us.  You can fill out one of our Sponsor a Day campaign cards that can be picked up at the House of Hope each week or you can donate at the link below.  We look forward to partnering with you to continue to feed people with dignity.


Sponsor a Day

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